Updating firmware on pap2

Just have patience - you just have to wait a few seconds (after the trashy busy signal starts) and then the **** may work!By the way, if you are prompted for a password, try any of these: 78196365#, 50274537#, 7756112#, 8995523#, 5465866# (and if one works, then hit 1 to confirm).5) If you tried to use a static IP address and then got into the situation in #4, you may have to do the procedure in the 2006-12-19 post below.I strongly suggest you heed the warnings in #2 and #3, and I only post this to let you know that if you DID make such a mistake, the unit may still be recoverable if you stop and think about what you are doing and IF YOU DO NOT AT ANY POINT CONNECT THE DEVICE TO THE INTERNET, OR TO A COMPUTER THAT IS CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET until it is FULLY unlocked.But whether it is worth the extra time it will take you to figure out what works is another matter altogether!Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay updated on the latest drivers, software and games.

To this date, my PAP2v1 unit that undergone this jumper shorting is still operating normally as before.

2009-1-6Don't buy locked pap2, the latest firmware is very hard to unlock.

bot unlocked from Mutualphone , for 2008-04-16I can confirm the odd packet size mentioned in the 2007-05-03 entry below. It was listed as unlocked, but it turned out to be locked. For me it lists the total packet size as 27990, but only grabbing 100 bytes on the wire.

The following is a list of updates tracking the progress of unlocking the Linksys PAP15-2-18After pulling my old ATA out of a box in the attic, I realized I had to unlock the damn thing again because I forgot the password completely—It took quite some searching to get it right and to find the right files. Do not buy PAP2 v1 boxes at this time, since there is too much of a risk you will get a v3.1.7 box or higher.

These boxes CANNOT be unlocked unless you sign up for vonage service to get the provisioning xml.

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