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Or, it might mean embedding Web documents with metadata elements to facilitate search and retrieval, or markup language tags to provide richer information about digitized documents.This pathfinder is intended to provide starting points for locating resources on all these topics."The Resource Description Framework (RDF) integrates a variety of web-based metadata activities including sitemaps, content ratings, stream channel definitions, search engine data collection (web crawling), digital library collections, and distributed authoring, using XML as an interchange syntax." This project home page offers information on the various aspects of the RDF project.

I’m going to do my best to sum up what I learned at the training as well as what we’ve seen here in our Library serving older adults with memory issues.Organizing the Web - providing users with better ways of finding Internet resources that suit their needs - is a problem of current interest to all types of libraries and information professionals. It may involve cataloging Web sites and other Internet resources, in either traditional or non-traditional ways.It might mean improving subject access to Internet resources by applying controlled vocabularly or number classification schemes.The list below provides links to several well-maintained web sites of each type.See the links pages at the end of this pathfinder for links to many more web sites and online articles and reports.

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    You need to weigh the performance hit of those updates to the performance improvement you'll see on retrieval. Something to look out for is to run the EXPLAIN and see if My SQL is actually using your index or not.

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