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Its factory could not keep up with demand; joinery and metal-plating were contracted out.

Much of its raw materials were imported; in the following decades Ericsson bought into a number of firms to ensure supplies of brass, wire, ebonite, and magnet steel.

He was familiar with Bell and Siemens Halske telephones through his firm's repair work for Telegrafverket and Swedish Railways.

He improved these designs to produce a higher-quality instrument to be used by new telephone companies such as Rikstelefon to provide cheaper service than the Bell Group.

When Bell bought the biggest telephone network in Stockholm, it only allowed its own telephones to be used with it.

Ericsson's equipment was sold mainly to free telephone associations in the Swedish countryside and in other Nordic countries.

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Ericsson had 35% market share in the 2G/3G/4G mobile network infrastructure market in 2012.Much of the walnut wood used for cabinets was imported from the United States.Stockholm's telephone network expanded that year and the company reformed into a telephone manufacturer.In 1918 the companies were merged into Allmänna Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson. This was legal because the device was not patented in Sweden, although in the United States it had held patent 529421 since 1879.In 1884, a multiple-switchboard manual telephone exchange was mostly copied from a design by C. A single switchboard could handle up to 10,000 lines.

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