Who is drake dating on glee

-- In a touching scene, Tina tells Blaine that he -- along with the rest of New Directions -- are like family to her as the friends share meaningful "I love yous." What did you think of "Shooting Star"?

How do you think Sue's story line will play out?

As Sue bids Mc Kinley farewell, Will begs her to let him help her and the outgoing Cheerios coach tells him to keep an eye on Becky -- who's "tough -- but like all the kids, gets scared sometimes." The episode marked latest socially relevant episode and comes during a season that has so far explored unplanned pregnancy (Rachel), eating disorders (Marley), dyslexia (Ryder) and gender identity (Unique).

During "Shooting Star," New Directions tackled "Last Chances" when Brittany (Heather Morris) is convinced there was a meteor heading for Earth.The theme winds up being a fitting one after two gunshots echo through the halls of the Ohio high school, trapping most of the aspiring singers in the classroom, where aspiring filmmaker/director Artie (Kevin Mc Hale) films his classmates' poignant messages to loved ones.After Sam (Chord Overstreet) attempts to leave the choir room to find Brittany and Tina, respectively, the SWAT team sweeps the school and offers the all-clear -- forever bonding the club after their harrowing experience in a way unlike any as they head into Regionals.It comes five months after the Sandy Hook shooting that left 20 students and six faculty members and the shooter's mother dead. The shooter, Adam Lansa, is said to have used firearms that his mother -- a gun enthusiast -- kept at their home.The Newtown, Conn., shooting -- the most deadly mass shooting by a single person in U. The tragedy also sparked a wave of social debate about the need for a national conversation on mental health after reports surfaced that Lansa may have had a personality disorder, Asperger's syndrome or autism.

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