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The aortic valvea were a little roughened along their free borders, hut were perfectly competent.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books .google . Hiniiillaii L'oui^ly with the development Iniiii »f hvinptonit-, »liv h! nn a ffl Hu-ctii; wmditi from wliirli e Uv iicvtr r Lf Ovored i Mtupk-U-ly.

— The Manifc Htalion of Ly^ai, during the Stage of Incubation, is not at variance with the Pathology of Virulent Diseases. They might be the Primary Localization of the Virus. — A Fourth, Consumption, may replace the Third Period, 705-722 General Symptoms of Rickets.— Pains.— Loss of Flesh : Muscular Atrophy,— Pro- fuse Sweats. — Progress of Rickets.— Death is in general the result of Thoracic Complications.— Etiology of Rickets. — True Chlorosis is a _Neurosis, alteration of the Blood being secondary. — Slow progressive Atrophy of all the Tissues of the Liver from Strangulation. — Tbe Terrnination is almost always fatal, either by an At Uck of Suffocation, or by the Cachectic State, .... — Men- struation consists of two parts, viz , Ovulation, and Hemorrhagii: Flux from the Mucous Membrane of the Fallopian Tubes and Uterus. — Amenorrhea consequent upon Disease, Acute or Chronic. Physiological and Pathological Anatomy of Pelvic Hasmatocelc— Catumenial Hiematocelc: from Hemorrhage into the Fallopian Tube; Eicess of Fluxion, or Deviation in the Flow of the Sanguineous Discharge, is frequent, slight, and VOL. When, in place of obtaining the elements of our definitions from an in- terrogation of symptoms, we go back to the causes which have provoked, awakened, or maintained derangements of the nervous system, we attain to a more intimate knowledge of the nature of the disease : but here, as iu VOL. — 8 I I crcrvthin^ f^lse, the more vc lenvc the surface, th« more do obscurities in- crc«*o. mt altoliulic prtfuanition* pnxluc-e oovious u Fecbt upon the or);ani.4iii, and ihat, in the hfst iiiptawce, thev shnw n predilcdian for the etrreiro-fytinn J ityd^fi. Ike arlihc Bl Vwn Un impwcd by ibo uamiiiistrativ^ exigencies of practice, or by pertumal dt-iiciency ; but in thn matter which I have now branghl nailer yon I* I lot ii"*-, 1 cannot Tesign myself to any similar conventional ar Tan;;o- lai'ni. Tliero ia an iuaeneiblo ^'ladatiun of caaes between the attack of ajjuplcxy ciin N-iinent upon which the mental jiowers liave fallc^n to t Jie lowi«t form uf deiao-nun, and the apoplectic m Kurc af\er whieh then- only retuaiof an almoi't impcr(v|itilde nmount «t lu'miplegia : htit in tltau-iavnt i» ttti W inon' applicnble in rcepccl of olcobol Um.

— Ferruginous Remedies must not be pre- scribed in False Chlorosis. — In I^ucocyth Eemia, thora is Enlarge- ment of the Spleen, Lymphatic Glands, and Liver. — The only Essantial Symptom of tbe Disease is the Presence in the Blood of a great number of Leucocytes and Olobulines. — Extra-peritoneal Uamatocclo : slight Pain and slight Hemorrhage. — The physiological State called "Puerperal.-' — It predisposes Lying-in Women and New-born Infanta to a Variety of Affections, such as Peritonitis, Phlebitis, and Lymphangitis. The Anasarca ia observed, and the Retention of Urine is not recognised. — Numerous Errors of Diag- nosis ; Means of avoiding them, — Treatment, 983-942 LECTURE C. — Discovery of Percussion by Avenbrugger, and of Auscultation by Laennec. If it be neeossanr' to im- press upon young physicians the classical precepts of their profession, it is Dot le^ useful, at rare intervals, to make with them more perilous scicutiflc excursions.

A Dis««M characteri Eed by great and progressive Augmon Utioi) in the White Olobules, or globuliaes of tbe blood. — Intra-peritoneal, Accidental, or Ovarian Hferoatocele: slight Hemorrhage from Rupture of thp Haematic Pouch : Acute Peritoneal Pain. "SEW SPECIES OF ANASARCA, THE SE(t UEL OF RETENTION OF URINE. — Constriction by a Band- age at once facilitates Walking. — Puerperal State may lead to Suppuration of the Pelvic Articulationa and Death 943-949 LECTURE CI. Influence of the Seneualistic Philosophy on contemporary Science and on the Ten- dencies of the Forisian School. — Pathological and Semeiotic Anatomy inaugurated by Corvisart. Without concealiug any of its difficulties—because I fully recognize their exi^teoce — it may still be useful to state to you my views upon this probloiii, oue of the most difficult in pathology.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. — Opinion of Authors on the Nature of Asthma, — Dysp Dm. — Marsh Fevers may be Continued at their commencement, — They must not be confounded with Continued Fevers, nor with Pyrexia beginning in marshy districts with inter- mittent paroxysms, 675-685 Pernicious Intermittent Fevers. " — Different Itinds of Pernicious Fevers, such as the Algid, the Hot, and the Sweat- ing j and those characterized by Coma, Delirium, or Convulsions. " Prom that day tho poit-slernnl pain, the Momtionti of formtcatioii nod numbness in tli* left upper limb, di.-'appeart^'l. A moift oj'uppn-mion wa^ oidy bruu^ht un nt ^ii Hi linti^. "A year bai M-(]i K-nce of int Pi Hu grief on Imini; oni* of lior children.Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. — Lesions of the Stom- ach and Subsequent Lesions of Organs in the Cycle of the Arterial System, the Nervous Centres, the Kidneys, &q. — The same holds good with the Catarrh, which is usually one of the elements of Asthma, and comes on at the close of the fit, but may in some cases be exclusively pre- dominant, when it then presents peculiar characters. bo many examples, 'there ha^ Iki'Ii iiu •shrinking from giving them with «xtrem« han Hliootl.Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. — Exciting Causes of Asthma ; they are often absent ; when present, they are exceedingly variable, and occasionally very singular. — Affections termed Neuralgic and Neu- rotic : Flui, ■ . Without runuitig any risk by following thcce abcrmlionp, wa may profit by daring trials irom which physicians of ma'rt.-d the ouii£4H.'int; im a |iftriixj-«m, tilninxt an vioh^ni a* llie fiiriner oncj*., iraii-cd tlio KVai toniii of fhloifwis to iltiia|)|ip,'ir. The heart was of very large size, the walls of the loft ventricle being the moet hypertrophied.The piilii'ni was inenslrii Rliii}; al the ti when the cxophtlinlcnoii lirni oame ini; thi^ eiitfinii-iiia weri' ^uppr^ed Uinl ni};l)t, ami have not ^imv vhuwii th(-m:ii-v(^^. The free edge of the mitral valve was thickened, but there was no con!

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