Updating acrobat reader

You have a much smaller risk of infection if all of the software on your PC is updated.

This is because updates can fix holes or vulnerabilities in software.

I restored back to the previously installed version (15.020.20042) and was able to print fine, but Adobe Reader keeps trying to update.

How do I stop Adobe Reader from updating (and breaking) itself?

After Adobe Reader auto-updated itself to version 15.023.20053 I was no longer able to print PDFs.Someone already suggested Sumatra PDF, but I had some rendering issues with it, although it is quite fast.Currently I'm using KDE's Okular for Windows as well (admittedly you need to install a bit of extra KDE libraries, but still is much less than the dreaded Acrobat Reader).But if you don’t have Adobe Reader installed yet, basically it’s a quick install and update.Here is the link to the Adobe ftp site if you need to download the files. If you already had Adobe Reader installed, this is your starting step. The command to execute these is /update Adbe Rdr Upd11010_/q.

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