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I was pleased with their tuna sandwich and had my tummy burpped with contentment. Who gets up for bacon and eggs brunch that early???? My wife ordered a pasta which tasted like it was packed with MSG and was too thick and saltly, so left half of it. I ordered a supposedly gourmet salmon sandwich, which was constructed out of some kind of sweetened bread from Goldilocks. There was only 1 waitress assigned to us to cater for more than 60 guests.

Chicken was dry overall, aside from the oil it was rubbed and drenched in. Orders took so long to be completed, utensils and condiments were provided but we need to follow-up often, had no initiative as to customer's needs (such as ice on lemonade etc).

And most importantly, we just dined with a cockroach and the waiters didn't care at all.

I personally recommend their Angels wings and Wasabi wings! Oh, and they didn't give us a receipt when we

I want to be back there as often as I can and get to try everything. They say they close at pm, but there were 3 customers who came in by pm and were almost turned down cause they take 20 minutes to cook their chicken. Two others weren't so lucky cause they arrived by pm, but their store sign was still left at "open" which they changed to "close" after doing so. Meaning, their service hasn't improved (after a year).

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