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They first met when Powers was a high school freshman at James Enochs High School, in Modesto, Calif. I think you are ruining my child with this."The couple have always maintained their relationship became sexual only after Powers legally became an adult.Hooker quit his job last month and left his family and Powers stopped attending classes. The couple and Powers' mother, Tammie Powers, appeared on the Dr. Tammie Powers told Hooker that he had "no moral compass.""I think you are arrogant," Powers told Hooker on the show. Tammie Powers is unconvinced."He [Hooker] shouldn't be with students," she said. I'd like to get information from when she was a minor and have him arrested."Police are investigating but no charges have been filed and Hooker has not been arrested. She has launched a public attack on Facebook against the man that she is calling a criminal.

Jordan Powers' new life consists of independent study and a hope to graduate this spring."I don't think I look at her as a student at all at this point," Hooker said.

That is the only apology that she will get from me."WATCH: Teen Claims 29-Year-Old Teacher Pursued Him Before They Had A Sexual Encounter The attorney representing Tristian and his mom asks how a teacher who slept with a student at her school could think she is the one who was wronged. "Everyone release everyone, and let's all go about our lives, and Ms.

Ramirez refuses to do that."He adds, "Why is a teacher having a 17-year-old male student at over 2 in the morning?

(Seventeen is the age of consent in Texas.) WATCH: Teacher Who Slept With High School Student: ‘I Didn’t Think It Was Legally Wrong’“He had his phone in his pocket and then while having sex, he pulled it out, and I didn’t see it.

It’s only about 10 seconds,” claims Ramirez, referring to video Tristian admits he recorded.

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