Simplify media updating song list

I have a Wi Fi network in my home that uses an Apple Air Port Extreme base station to (among other things) connect my i Mac wirelessly to the Internet as well as to a pair of Apple TVs, and I figured it could be used to stream music from i Tunes to the i Pod or Iphoe, too, right? I tried syncing my apps again from my mobile and wound up with no apps whatsoever in i Tunes on the mobile; apparently, you can sync an app "upstream" from an i Phone or i Pod Touch to i Tunes only once.

(Or, I believe, from the EDGE network; I'm not clear on what the difference is, but the SM suite supports both networks.)What this means is that I don't have to be in range of my home Wi Fi network (or some other Wi Fi net that I am allowed access to, such as the free one at Panera or the public library) in order to stream music.without having synced them to the i Pod in advance. And here's how I started using it: Basically, working in i Tunes on my i Mac, I first had to purchase the Simplify Music 2 app from the i Tunes Store for .99, download it, and sync it to my i Pod. You can also buy the Simplify Music 2 app via the App Store on the i Phone/i Pod itself.My i Pod holds just 8 gigabytes, while my music library is close to 30 GB in size. If you do, you can sync it to i Tunes, where it will then reside, waiting to be synced back to the mobile device if the need ever arises.(BTW, later on in this article I talk about how, owing to a problem I ran into, I had to rebuild my i Tunes Library database file, a process that unfortunately loses track of the i Phone/i Pod apps in i Tunes.With some difficulty, I got SM to switch its Media List to that library on the i Mac. Whoever writes the SM suite really ought to give some consideration to giving the user an easier way to send SM back to square one and reinitialize its Media List and re-update the mobile client.This just in: in an email response I got from the folks at Simplify Media, I learned that all you have to do to force a "full library rescan" is to go into the Preferences panel and, under Computer, change the name you have given your computer.)Notice that "initializing" is what the SM server application does when it sets up its Media List on the i Mac or whatever computer you are using.

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