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The final curio to consider, though, is , which played at the Toronto International Film Festival and was screened for critics multiple times before being abruptly pulled from the broader release schedule. is basically playing himself, yes, but as a successful television executive named Glen, awash in money and perhaps bereft of artistic talent. Glen is a nincompoop, to be sure, but he’s morally resolute enough to know that statutory rape is wrong, and that Leslie is not to be trusted. In some ways, the film is more oblique and less autobiographical than much of the comedian’s other work. His daughter, China (Chloë Grace Moretz), on the verge of turning 18, falls in with a famed director named Leslie Goodwin (John Malkovich), who is 50 years her senior. In one scene, Glen’s love interest Grace (Rose Byrne) defends China, saying that she herself had a relationship with a much older man at the age of 15, and that young women are entitled to make mistakes. The broom and bat were covered with plastic bags coated with Vaseline.

Police interviewed the vice principal and the victim's swim coach, the latter of whom had heard about the incident from the victim herself three days after the incident.Leslie is a Woody Allen type, a respected artist who has been accused of pedophilia. (who wrote and directed) is poking at that grand question of separating art from artist. “I’m sorry Grace, but you were raped,” Glen tells her, not backing down from his conviction that, in this case, consent can’t be given. Glen worships him from afar, but is disgusted by him in actuality, growing increasingly uncomfortable about his daughter associating with such a known creep. Even considered purely on its own terms, is a mess of a film. Near the end of the movie, after Glen has driven so many of the women in his life away from him with his pompousness, he talks to his long-suffering producing partner Paula (Edie Falco). Please, on behalf of all women, please let you all know that I’m very fucking sorry,” he tells her. This event attracted nationwide attention, mainly due to the perception that the assailants had been given special treatment by the school and local authorities due to their status as local football stars.The events were later documented in a book and TV movie. The victim left her house the afternoon of the incident to go play basketball in Carteret Park.

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