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The only thing bigger than his ego are the headaches he creates.From his questionable interactions with lobbyists to the way he berates staff and his inappropriate relationship with colleagues, this needed to happen a while ago,” said a high-ranking Republican official.He’s like a frat boy,” the lobbyist told The Tennessean.No one is surprised when a politician is outspoken or assertive.Legislative Administration Director Connie Ridley said she spoke with Durham because she’d received “a fair amount of feedback from various sources about his behavior."Although it’s still unknown what behavior specifically spurred that discussion, it is clear the embattled House majority whip is fighting to keep his political leadership position and respect among Republicans.Durham’s peers in the House GOP caucus will discuss removing him from leadership Tuesday.“Just because it wasn’t worth dealing with him to a lot of people.”If Durham felt like he was crossed, the source said, or if he didn’t like you, “he would find immature ways to just annoy you and wear you down.”His tactics included yelling and cursing at adversaries, and signing them up for spam email, the source recalled.Ultimately, the source said, Durham was a vexing presence for the Young Republican group.“The thing with Jeremy that’s hard is I don’t care for him as a human being, but I agree with him as a voter,” the source said.

Supporters say Durham is a dedicated lawmaker who represents the people who live in his corner of Williamson County, making him a target for Republicans who aren’t “true conservatives.” Even detractors say he’s a tireless worker who puts in the time needed on the campaign trail to win over constituents.In 2005, his student government party exceeded campaign spending limits, according to the UT newspaper and a student government document.Durham told the paper, The Daily Beacon, an accounting error made it look like there were excess donations. He continued his political work after graduating from UT in 2006 and while he was a student at the University of Memphis law school.*No representation is made that the person listed here is currently on the state's offenders registry.All names presented here were gathered at a past date.

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