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You will need these accounts if the separation becomes permanent, and they can help protect your money if you decide to get divorced.

During your separation, it is critical to efficiently manage your finances.

Remaining separated, rather than immediately divorcing, means you will be able to file joint taxes and continue to share health benefits, so it might be the option that makes financial sense.

At the same time, separation can have important legal consequences should you get divorced.

Even though you may have physically split from your spouse, your money is still very much connected.

For example, marital assets are often valued at the date of separation, and any property acquired after separation — assets or debts — is considered separate, not marital property.

You need to know your state’s laws to determine what you should do.

Separating from your spouse puts many aspects of your life in limbo.

It’s unsettling to have your marriage — and your emotions — in an uncertain state.

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