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But for the most part, the story you’ve been sold about the dark web is a myth. Since 2013, I’ve interviewed the staff of drug marketplaces about their paid DEA double-agents, tracked how technologically sophisticated pedophiles cover up their tracks, and also discovered that active Uber accounts were being sold on the dark web for as little as a dollar each.I’ve also learned that the real story is not at all the one you commonly hear—the tale of a gigantic space below our usual web, where hard-to-find vices are traded among sordid individuals totally beyond the grasp of the authorities. Read nearly any article about the dark web, and you'll get the sense that its name connotes not just its secrecy but also the low-down dirty content of its shadowy realms.At the moment, the space is probably used mostly for criminal purposes, but its relevance to the world of cybercrime and other domains has been grossly exaggerated.Looking beyond the scaremongering, however, the dark web actually has promise.In fact, it is rampant when compared with what's available from hidden sites.Last year, the Internet Watch Foundation, a charity that collates child sexual abuse websites and works with law enforcement and hosting providers to have the content removed, found 31,266 URLs that contained child porn images. The collection of all these hidden sites is not, as is commonly spouted by governments and many members of the media, several orders of magnitude larger than the normal web.In October 2014, a Brazilian dark web pedophile site was seized, and 55 people arrested.Then just last month Australian police went public about an operation that had shut down one of the largest child abuse sites in existence.

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The people who run child abuse websites or produce illegal material are also being caught.Of those URLs, only 51 of them, or 0.2 percent, were hosted on the dark web. The World Wide Web has swelled to over a billion different sites, while current estimations put the number of Tor hidden sites at between 7000 and 30,000, depending on what methodology you follow. It’s not clear how many people access the dark web on a daily basis, but there’s the impression that it’s a small number of individuals.The Tor Project claims that only 1.5 percent of overall traffic on its anonymity network is to do with hidden sites, and that 2 million people per day use Tor in total.Over 300 dark-web-affiliated people have been arrested since 2011, according to independent researcher Gwern Branwen.Dealers of drugs and guns, people who order illegal narcotics, and the staff and administrators of sites have all been successfully apprehended by police.

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