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She lives about a mile from the woods behind a church where she says White and two Mason football players had sex with her against her will. She then had sex with all three boys, including her crush, on a bench near a statue of the Virgin Mary, according to police records. One of the boys named as a suspect by police, De Angelo Simmons, made the all-district team for Mason in 2015 and now plays for Bowling Green State University. This would be the fourth time White was accused of sex offenses.

Kira Carter, 18, says she was forced to have sex against her will after a church festival by three high school football players. Now, she is sharing her story publicly with the hope that it can help someone else. 7, 2013, and Carter was standing in line for funnel cake. Her friend got into an argument with White and left, the report states. Questions about whether the acts were consensual kept prosecutors from pressing charges. The other suspect, Amir Armstrong, eventually transferred. Twice, in 20, White was accused of forcing a girl to perform oral sex, according to police reports.

Things like long distance relationships are happening globally.

People are becoming sexually positive because they are able to share their feelings with others behind a screen with total anonymity and we are just proud to have been a part of all of that progress.

Danny Mullins was an assistant coach at Mason for four years. He quit last season, in part, he said, because of the way Castner handled White's off-the-field issues.

Former assistant football coach Danny Mullins poses behind the desk in his classroom at Mason High School in Mason, Ohio, on Wednesday, Jan. Mullins left the football program last year because of the way he says the head coach handled allegations of sexual offenses against football player Bryson White. He works with students who struggle with grades, discipline and often both. In high school, he frequently drove White to practice with his son, who also was on the football team.

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