Dating scammers in uk

Only individuals who live in the UK are allowed to join Completely Free Dating and we take immediate action if a someone from overseas attempts to join.Some people believe free dating sites do not care about who joins, but that is not the case here.One of the most common is the Nigerian 419 scam, also known as AFF or Advanced Free Fraud.You will be approached and befriended by someone on an online dating site who says they live in the UK and work abroad, typically Nigeria, although other countries may include Ivory Coast, Ghana and possibly other countries in western Africa.With sleazy usernames and personal descriptions, their profiles are generally easy to identify.Don't be mistaken into thinking these people are actually looking for a date or a relationship, they are simply out to make money at your expense.This scam is not just restricted to dating sites; but it has now sadly become one of the online dating sites scams.Once you are in contact with a scammer from a dating site, they may send you a telephone number claiming it is their number and ask you to call them.

This may take only days, or even as long as a year.

Unfortunately if you have sent money, there is little chance of you recovering it.

Unlike many other online dating sites, we here at Completely Free Dating screen our members.

Whether you are just concerned or even definite that you are in contact with a scammer here on Completely Free Dating, please stop all communication with them and inform us by sending an email to [email protected]

If you have sent money to a scammer, there are two possible outcomes.

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