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Local chefs have a flair for making high-end versions of ordinary foods like hot dogs and burgers, and they routinely appear on those TV cooking competition shows that are so popular with the kids.

Atlanta’s loaded with innovative bartenders who deserve some limelight of their own, and there’s no shortage of small mom-and-pop eateries.

Still, Atlanta endures high rates of both violent crime and property crime, and especially motor vehicle theft. Taking a relaxing trip down the Chatahoochee River on a tube, raft, or canoe The answer is D. Both of the state’s Senators are Republican, and it voted 53.3% for Mitt Romney. In the 2012 presidential election, both counties Atlanta resides in went for Obama—64.1% of Fulton County and 77.9% of De Kalb County.

Atlanta is also called Hotlanta, The ATL, City in a Forest, Dogwood City, Hip Hop Capital of the South, The Big Peach, Black Mecca, The A, My-Lanta, Thrasherville, and Zombie Capital of the World. Welcome to Atlanta where the zombies play, where the undead eat brains like every day.

Atlanta is shopping paradise, and a major draw for people all over the south. Seriously, the city is a Mecca for zombie enthusiasts. Atlanta is home to media moguls Ted Turner and Tyler Perry, and this town ain’t big enough for the both of them.

Atlanta doesn’t appear on any lists of “Best Cities for Bicyclists,” but that may soon be changing.

The city just approved .5 million for bike projects, and it expects to double bike lanes by 2016.

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