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The tax reform bills currently in the House and Senate don’t eliminate any of these problems.

But both bills address all three problems—and particularly the corporate tax rate—in ways that will encourage growth and investment. Nobody knows the answer to that question with certainty right now.

During his confirmation hearing Wednesday, Vermont senator Patrick Leahy said that Willett has “attacked Supreme Court decisions” and questioned whether he would follow Supreme Court precedent.

President Trump came home from his Asia trip with a significant political conundrum on his hands: What to do about Roy Moore.

Gonnella says he doesn't believe the accusers and he thinks this is a coordinated smear campaign.

He also questions the timing of the alleged victim's accusations.

Read more Today on the Daily Standard Podcast, senior writer Michael Warren talks with host Eric Felten about the president's speech detailing his trip to Asia. Did you know that the average family visits 5 websites before booking a vacation rental?

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Read more Democratic senators grilled a federal judicial nominee, known as Texas’s witty “Tweeter Laureate,” on Wednesday over his past tweets about bacon and Alex Rodriguez. Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett, who is Donald Trump’s nominee for a seat on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, sent what he described as a light-hearted tweet about marrying bacon the day after oral arguments in Obergefell v.Don’t wonder if you’re getting the best deal – you’ll save an average of 18 percent per night by booking your vacation with Subscribe to THE WEEKLY STANDARD's i Tunes podcast feed here. Yesterday, we looked at some of the concerning behavior and statements of religious figures in Alabama concerning Roy Moore.There are, if you'll forgive, moore things to report. Here's David Gonnella, the pastor of Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore, Alabama: "I don't desert my friends just on mere accusations, I require evidence," said Pastor Gonnella.For days, the White House has been publicly cautious in rendering any judgment on the credible sexual misconduct allegations against Moore, even as Republican senators and party organizations have backed away from the judge’s campaign.(The latest to withdrawal is the Trump-aligned Republican National Committee, which quietly pulled out of its fundraising pact with Moore.) Privately, the White House has been in a holding pattern until Trump’s return.

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