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The clock ticked by, our arranged time came and went, and I still sat there, imagining her car had broken down, or her bus hadn’t arrived, and all manner of other reasons other than facing the simple truth that she wasn’t going to come.

Just as I had decided to give it up as a bad job, I was aware of someone watching me from another table.

It became obvious very quickly that the disk was almost full, and this could be a cause of her problems, but she wouldn’t let me look at what was there, just holiday snaps she said.

Last but not least, they are now accessible on PCs as well as on cell phones.

She replied that no, it wasn’t like that, but thanks for asking anyway, and that she was sorry that I had not met whoever I had been waiting for.

We chatted for a while further, inconsequential stuff, before she asked if I would sit with her for a while.

I asked her if she had transport, and she said that she had come on the bus, and had a while yet to wait, so I offered her a lift home, if she wanted.

It seemed she didn’t live too far away from me, closer in to London in a northern suburb about 15 miles from my home town.

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