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Women on the right routinely have to explain that one can be a Republican without accepting sexual assault as just “boys being boys.” We have to defend ourselves for wanting to belong to a party that contains people who preemptively disparage the stories of women whose lives appear to have been made a living nightmare by the predation of older men.

Those of us conservative women who are pro-life and pro-family face yet another obstacle: We have to explain that opposing abortion isn’t actually an assault on women’s rights.

The GOP nominee hardly lost a single high-profile endorsement, and powerful figures within the GOP rushed to defend him as completely innocent, to refuse to disavow him, and to denigrate and discredit his accusers.

One might even say the GOP has been harsher in its condemnation of Moore than it was in chastising Trump.

In defending Trump and Moore, conservatives excuse them the same way the Left excused Clinton, but unlike them, the Left never claimed to promote sexual morality.

This double standard gives feminists the chance to slander conservative women as traitorous, in pieces such as this one: “How Conservative Women Justify Betraying Their Own Gender.” (The title was altered without explanation a few days after publication.) We’re forced to answer for our fellow Republicans’ choice to tolerate or excuse inappropriate or criminal behavior toward women.

One of those women alleges that Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 14 years old.

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Certainly, he has due-process rights, and these accusations haven’t been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.And while many of us, myself included, won’t change our political views, justifying them has become even more of an uphill battle than it previously was.We are already subjected to an undeniable media bias.nyone who continues to dogmatically defend Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore against credible allegations of sexual assault should consider that the choice to do so makes it much more challenging for thoughtful women to identify as Republicans or to justify being conservative.Late last week, the published a story containing well-substantiated claims from four women that Moore initiated romantic relationships with them while they were teenagers and he was in his 30s.

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