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If you’re reading this, you probably own a furry little bundle of joy with an adorable name – and you’ve noticed that little bundle getting bigger and bigger.It’s nice to watch your kitten grow up, but you may wonder how to best go about transitioning from kitten food to adult cat food.Scammers may represent themselves as beautiful foreign models, wealthy businessmen, or even deployed military servicemembers trying to attract a lover, but most use very ordinary seeming profiles.

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Since they work in shifts they appear to be online at all hours, but may not remember previous conversations with the victim, or they may even call the victim by another name.Of course the scheme evolves over time as scammers hone their craft.There have been reports that some phony sweethearts are impersonating soldiers with the goal of pulling the heartstrings of patriotic women of all ages.And of course, keep your veterinarian looped in for personalized advice based on your cat’s health.In today’s fast paced world of instant communication and social media, many adults have turned to online dating sites to find love, especially around Valentine’s Day.

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